Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Video Games Made Him Do It", NOT!!!

I want these links here for posterity. Devin Moore killed 3 cops and tried to clame that Grand Theft Auto made him do it. Well guess what? It didn't work. He's been found guilty, and the story has been documented by numerous high-profile news sites. Here are just a few:

History is repeating itself. In 1993, Ronald Ray Howard (his personal website) gunned down a policeman. He claimed he was listening to 2Pac at the time, and that 2Pac made him do it. It didn't work back then either; the jury ruled that Ronald Ray Howard, not 2Pac, had killed that policeman, and sentenced him to die. He'll be executed in October. From his conviction on, the media assaults against rap music began to decline.

If anyone ever claims that video games or rap music cause violence, tell them that the criminal courts are not on their side.


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